'Midnight Sun' by by French duo Isaac Delusion.

I’m not kidding when I say this is the best most refreshing EP in this genre I’ve heard in quite a while. Im getting goosebumbs hearing it. Please listen.

For more electro, folk, and ambient grooves, pick up their EP here.

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Burial: Street Halo (2011)

Burial is an electronic musician from London. I guess he’s sort of being trying to hold some Banksy-like anonimity but since being nominated for a Mercury Prize, most people have heard of him. Burial’s new EP Street Halo came out this year, and i just got a copy of it. Its pretty amazing to say the least. The music is sort of a mixture of elements from dubstep, crossed with garage-rock and ambient house music. Its not like most dubstep. Its not super loud, it doesnt hurt your ears or blow you away, its just generally relaxing, experimental music which i think everyone would appreciate. If you like Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Clubroot, Zomby then you’re bound to enjoy this. If you have no idea what im talking about, still give it a listen!

He also did a really good collab release with Four Tet and Thom Yorke from Radiohead, which was pretty good too c: